Why You Should Look for One Year Anniversary Ideas

First anniversary ideas are important to help commemorate that special day. Let's say you’ve been dating that special someone and have been enjoying the freshness of new found love and before you know it, that year mark hits –the first year anniversary. Now let’s be honest here, some people love celebrating anniversaries and some treat it like any other day on the calendar. But the truth of the matter is anniversaries are important and you should feel honored to be able to celebrate something that is relevant to you and your better half. It’s a day made for you and them and even though it’s not marked as a holiday (and you don’t get the day off from work) you can still take the time out to celebrate and create new memories. Being creative with anniversaries can be a bit intimidating so allow me to share with you some first year anniversary ideas!

One Year Anniversary IdeasSo I know that this may sound drab and unoriginal but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned dinner date. But instead of making reservations and heading out to your favorite restaurant how about adding a little creativity? Why not take a few cooking classes together and prepare an awesome meal that both of you can not only create but enjoy together? It’s always fun to eat a good meal but the thought of preparing a meal with the person you enjoy the most gives it more sentimental value. Finding cooking classes in your area isn’t a hard feat and not very expensive –head over to our good friend Google and find out where you and your honey can sign up!

Another idea for commemorating the first anniversary is to revisit where you met or even revisit where you had your first date? Was it at a park? A museum? There’s nothing like being a little nostalgic and taking a stroll down memory lane. How much have you both grown in the past year? Where there any funny first date disasters to look back on and chuckle (or laugh hysterically) about? Go to that place and not only take it all in, but make promises to each other that the next year will be even better than the first.

Anniversaries are memories of time that should be etched into your brain – the ideas should steam from a place of love and spontaneity. You are celebrating time spent with a loved one in hopes of many more celebrations to come. Unfortunately some anniversaries can be hard to deal with, like the loss of a loved one. If you are going through this, a one year anniversary idea for you would be to celebrate (not mourn) that person’s life! Reflect on the good times, go visit some places you frequented, laugh at the old times. Focus on the absolute best memories and don’t feel sad for losing them you should rather feel elated that they were a part of your life and be grateful!

I hope you enjoyed these few first year anniversary ideas and hopefully they give you some fuel to make this anniversary one for the books. Each year marks a celebration of a union so enjoy the moment and look forward to the memories of right now. Sift through the site and get more specific details on various first year anniversary ideas. Be creative and more importantly have fun!